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This page is about my Radio controlled Sailing adventures

My first introduction to RC sailing was when I read an article in the local paper about one of the local MENS SHEDS group who's members had built a number of RC Yachts called WEE NIPS and they sailed on Lake Weroona here in Bendigo on a Tuesday afternoon.

I had been interested in sailing for a number of years and at one time I owned and sailed a small SABRE yacht out at Lake Eppalock until the drought and a shift to a smaller house lot necessitated the sale of the yacht.

Anyway I thought that I would go and see what this WEE NIP flotilla was all about and went on down to Lake Werroona wich isn't to far from where I live and met up with a bunch of very friendly gentlemen enjoying a sunny afternoons sail.

It looked to me like the Wee Nip design wouldn't be to hard to build and I obtained a copy of the build plans and set to producing my own Wee Nip.

Well what I thought would take me a couple of weeks to build ended up taking a couple of months.
Now this wasn't due to the complexity of the build by any means, but to me not having any previous experience in this type of build or having the gumption to ask for help.

After a couple of twisted hulls that went into the bin I final got one built and sailed.

Ruf N Redé Wee Nip
Unfortunately I found it hard to get to sail with the Men's Shed flotilla on Tuesday afternoons as I am still working for a living and hopefully will be for sometime.
But on talking with some of the gentlemen from the Group I found that there was another group sailing at another venue on the Mondays at a location called Crusoe Reservoir and as I have a rostored day of every second Monday I would grab my Wee Nip and take a drive to the other side of Bendigo to Crusoe Reservoir and have a sail and check out the crew there.

Well they don't sail WeeNips at Crusoe res and my poor little nip seemed a bit dismal in amongs the fleet they had there, but they where a very welcoming group and quite happy for me to join them in the pleasure of RC sailing and good company.
This was a very informal group of like minded people and gathered at Crusoe on a Monday and Wednesday mornings for
a days sailing.

This Ruff N Red'e my first RC yacht build

My WeeNip Bermuda Rig Build 2016

Click Here to head on over to WeeNip B site for details.
I obtained a set of build plans from a freind on the ShipShapeRC forum.
Thank you CP
I layed out 2 X 100 mm wide lengths of 2.5 Balsa and used some tape to hold them I then folded them back agains themselves and glued them up the centre
I cut out the Deck, Hull Botton and the Transom and cross brace
 I soaked the bottom and then braced it between some tins to get a pre bend into it and allowed it to dry.
Remember you will be building the hull upside down and
you need to keep the deck flat at all time
When planking the sides you have the gain of the Balsa running verticle and you start at the Transom with thinner pieces then the full width pieces and alternate from side to side
I will add more as I progress with the build

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