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Welcome to the information on my 
AllStar Node  44099

145.145  Mhz  simplex    with   91.5  CTCSS tone

Limited Coverage around Bendigo. 

Link Status of my Node 

The node is generaly connected to VK4TUB, node 46740 in Townsville Qld
which in turn can be connected to any where.

​Click Button to see the interconnected nodes to VK4TUB     
Feel free to disconnect it and put it on any node you wish.
You can connect to multiple NODES at once

click here for comlete node list
then ctrl + F​​ to enter a search.

If you try to connect to a node that will create a ring it will not do the connection

44099 Status
Node List
DTMF Function List

Allstar Link Node 44099 -- VK3EME
 Bendigo Victoria, Australia

*1  =>  Disconnect Link    ( eg. *146740  )

*3  =>   Link Connect   ( eg. *346740  )

*70  =>   will play the Link Status

*76  =>   Disconnect Links

*81  =>   Time

To connect to another Allstar node, use the Link Connect (*3) plus the node number.

For example, to connect to node 2000, use *32000.

To Disconnect from a node, use the Link Disconnect (*1) plus the node number.
For example, to connect to node 2000, use *12000.

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    What is AllStar?
    The AllStar Link network consists of a number of large (and small) individuals and groups who wish to provide efficient large-area communications to the Amateur Radio public in their respective local areas.
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    Where can I go to find out more about it ?
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    What Is an AllStar Node?
    All Star is Facility to link Radios over the Internet similar to IRLP and Echo Link. It can Have a Radio Connected to it or it can be just the computer ( Raspberry Pi / Beagle Bones Black ) running the AllStar Software with a sound fob and head set connected to it. It has the facility to tie a number of nodes together at one time unlike IRLP which needs to be connected to a reflector to do the same thing.
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    How Do I use an AllStar Node?
    You need to have a radio (FM) that can transmit DTMF tones as this is how you control where the node connects to.
More Info on Alstar

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